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GCSE Testimonials.

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"Jack is a fantastic tutor (must take after his mum!) Also, from a parent’s point of view, I’d like to add that Jack is very professional, friendly and approachable; he is understanding of different needs and lessons are good value for money! We couldn’t ask for more and L will be back for A level tuition if Jack is interested?"

Parent of the Year 11 girl who penned the adjacent note.

"E really felt he benefited from Jack’s tutoring sessions. He said that Jack explained the subjects really clearly and in a better way than his teachers. He said he came out of the sessions having an excellent understanding of the topics."

Parent of Year 11 boy

Featured Testimonials

"Our 10 year old daughter is a very reluctant reader and over the past year we have witnessed her drive to read anything with any kind of structure completely disintegrate. Pre-Covid she would happily read at home but since the start of this current academic year her willingness has all but gone and unless the book was a diary format or fact file she wouldn’t even pick it up. Under the expert guidance of Janet, we have been gifted a plethora of hints and tips to help encourage her to read and in a short space of time we are finding that she is choosing to read books that she may have overlooked in the year gone by. We know we have some way to go but we are seeing all the signs that this help has kick started her habitual reading and hope this will reinforce some of the other areas where, academically, she is struggling. Janet thank you so much for your expertise, your kindness and sincerity. I highly recommend Janet and Target Tutoring ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

This positive feedback has been received recently from a mother. Her Year 1 son had been working on his independent writing skills. 


“We are encouraged by our son’s progress and he continues to enjoy the lessons. G’s teacher called me in yesterday morning to show me a beautiful piece of writing that he had accomplished all by himself. Additionally, at home he volunteered to write a lengthy sentence which he authored, spelt and wrote by himself. He is delighted with his progress and it has given him great confidence.”

It is really exciting when parents take the time to give me feedback about how tutoring is having an impact on work at school and at home. It is even more satisfying to know a child’s confidence in their own achievement is growing.

Testimonials from Primary school children and parents

Janet Atkinson with Emma

My family have been tutored by Janet now for the past 12 years. She has worked with all 4 of my children, some of them from before school age until year 9; currently she is working with two of my children.

She has the experience and skills to offer continuity of teaching through many years whilst offering the children great curriculum support throughout the primary school and into secondary school. When they are little, Janet knows what they need to do next to progress and as they get older she encourages them to start to take more responsibility for their own work by taking suggestions from the children about the work they want to improve, as well as knowing what they should have help with.

She is flexible to meet children’s changing needs and supportive of parents as they try to help their child to do the best they can. When a child is struggling, she gives them patient help to enable them to progress step by step, and boosts their confidence. She makes learning fun and helps the children to see that they can achieve what they are struggling with, even if it is going to take hard work. My children found it most useful that Janet gave them structure and skills to remind them of the method to use, with certain topics, so that they could put that into practice in school and succeed on their own. 

Mother of Year R boy and Year 9 girl.

"Janet it so professional in her tutoring approach, but more than that, she goes the extra mile to get to know the child and their family. She helps the child set goals and then provides support and guidance to get them there. She is patient and encouraging and my daughter has actually really enjoyed her tutoring experience."

Mother of a Year 6 girl

"Janet has helped support both our children, who are very different in terms of personality and need. She took special care to identify their own specific requirements and remained open and flexible as things progressed. She is a warm and experienced person who has gone above and beyond, even after we stopped using her services, in supporting not only the children, but us as parents. She understands what kind of ‘learner’ your child is and endeavours to work with them to gain the best outcome for them. We really value Janet’s objective, understanding guidance through the sometimes demanding transition from primary to secondary school, and always feel that if we ever needed another opinion we could ask for her input. We highly recommend Target Tutoring".

Mother of a Year 8 and Year 5 children

"Janet has been fantastic with our children. She is warm, professional, knowledgeable and approachable.  Janet matches the lessons to our children's needs and has helped their confidence, interest and competence grow significantly.  She helps them to maintain focus when learning whilst also making it fun.  From a parents’ perspective, Janet ensures that we are provided with regular feedback on their progress."

Mother of Year 1 boy and Year 3 boy

"My daughter has been going to Janet for maths tutoring for some time now and we have seen a remarkable difference in her confidence and the way in which she now approaches her maths. Having always struggled with how to apply her knowledge to maths questions, Janet has worked hard at teaching her how to approach different questions and apply her knowledge. We have been impressed with the progress reports that we receive and how quickly Janet has identified areas of weakness. Having always been a reluctant student, our daughter happily attends her sessions with Janet and bounces through the door – testament in itself!"

Mother of Year 4 girl

"My daughter has been having weekly tutoring with Janet Atkinson for more than 18 months now. She has special educational needs and struggles with a lot of her school-work, but I was particularly concerned about her incorrect letter formation and illegible handwriting that had become a real barrier to her learning. On meeting Janet, I felt that she would have the experience to deal with my daughter's extra needs, and the patience to help her unravel some bad habits. Janet also has high expectations - although my daughter really enjoys her sessions, she certainly knows that Mrs Atkinson is kind but tough, and will not accept anything less than her best work! Everyone has remarked on the difference in her handwriting, and there has been a marked improvement in her concentration and confidence too. Her best writing, when she tries hard, is getting really quite good now and she is so proud of herself. Janet's tutoring is making such a difference that we now come twice a week. Thank you, Mrs A." 

Mother of a Year 4 girl

"Our daughter has been tutored by Janet for two and a half years since she started year 4. We wanted some help to build up our daughter's confidence in her school work mainly in maths but also in English. The one to one sessions and Janet's calm approach have really helped our daughter and there has been a great improvement in her school work. Our daughter hasn't always liked speaking up in class and asking for help and this is easier for her to do in a one to one situation and with someone she finds easy to talk to. Our daughter has become much more confident in her work and speaking up at school as a result. We would definitely recommend Janet as a tutor."

Parents of a Year 4 girl

"Our children have been tutored by Janet for the last three and a half years. Janet was recommended to us by a friend to help our son with school entrance exams. Our son was tutored by Janet throughout year 5 and helped him with exam technique and verbal and non verbal reasoning which he did not do in school. He enjoyed his sessions and passed his exams."

Parents of a Year 5 boy

My daughter was scared of the entrance exams she was facing for senior school. She had not seen the test types before and was apprehensive. Target Tutoring gave her the confidence to attack them head on, the one on one teaching helping her reach her full potential in the entrance tests by focusing on what she needed without the emotional involvement of a parent."

Father of Year 6 girl.

"Over this time, we have been impressed with the progress our daughter has made in terms of building her skills and, most importantly, her confidence in core subjects.  Janet has provided a flexible approach and regularly accommodated specific requests to focus on particular areas of need.  In doing so Janet provides a safe and enjoyable environment for our daughter to gain valuable additional support and to stretch her learning progress to a higher level.  Janet provides regular and thorough progress reports in the form of termly written reports and is always available for an informal chat when needed.  We have no hesitation in recommending Janet to others!"

Mother of Year 6 girl

“….I am dropping you this email to say that E  said she struggled on the Monday with SATs, but this was English! She said she “smashed” her maths (or so she thinks).  It’s a real shame actually; had I have known the progress you made with her would be so great, I would have signed her up long ago for tutoring on English too!!”

Mother of Year 6 girl

Testimonials from Secondary school children and parents

On many occasions Target Tutoring has been able to help secondary age students because their skills in certain areas may have a particular weakness  and their curriculum needs fall within that of a very able primary child. This has most frequently happened when a personal recommendation has preceded initial contact and parents have made the choice based on this and the rapport they believe I can forge with their child. I have worked with Key Stage 3 & 4 students in school to support them in one-to-one sessions, and have taught Study Skills to classes of Year 9 students to enable them to optimise their revision techniques as they approach their final school exams, before they enter Key Stage 4.

"Janet has helped my daughter with additional tutoring when she was finding things difficult with her studies. My daughter was at that difficult stage between Primary and Secondary schooling and Janet was able to help her gain confidence dealing with fractions. Janet was able to provide a comprehensive and personal service, which meant my daughter was able to improve. Janet is a very easy person to get on with and was a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend Janet to anyone who needs additional help for their children with tutoring".

Mother of a child recently moving into Secondary school

"Our son thoroughly enjoys his English classes with Mrs Atkinson which he started in Year 7 and has been taking now for 18 months. The lessons have improved his confidence and communication skills, made a tangible difference to his English grades and also helped other subjects that require written English.  We are delighted with the support from Mrs Atkinson!"

Mother of Year 8 boy

"I have always been a good creative writer, however, I have struggled with punctuation since around Year 5. I think that tutoring has improved my punctuation considerably and has also introduced me to new grammar points which are useful tools in my writing. I have been aided with simple and advanced aspects of writing and my handwriting has improved considerably. It has definately been worthwhile."

Year 9 pupil aged 14

"I first started working with Mrs A in 2011 when I was in Year 3. After a while my confidence had grown and I stopped tutoring for a while. I returned in 2014 when I was in Year 6 and approaching SATs assessments. Obviously, sometimes we all get very confused in maths but what has really helped me is Mrs Atkinson’s teaching methods. It became a lot clearer once she explained it to me in an easier and more simple way. Thanks to Mrs A , I’m a lot more confident with Maths."

Year 8 girl.

"My daughter's confidence in maths has increased significantly over the years that she has been a pupil of Target Tutoring.  While she still finds numbers and maths difficult she has been able to learn strategies to help her cope. Support with her homework and reinforcing school learning has also contributed to her progress."

Mother of Year 8 girl.