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Is it too early to Tutor?

Every child is different and so parents can really struggle to know when it is a wise time to start to use the skills of a tutor. Some hold the view that the child is too young for a tutor, many will vociferously tell you this, or parents may hope that it will all just come right in the end, given time, and then… there appears to be a concern!

In a good school, the class teacher will be the first person to alert parents to the fact that their child needs more support to be able to learn at a similar rate to the peer range by noticing that they are not making expected progress. A class teacher may plan for extra help to be given in school which will alleviate parents’ concerns. No parent wants their child to fall behind.

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My African adventure and a chance meeting at a school

We had an amazing family holiday in Summer 2018 and I returned with the motivation to start an occasional blog on my website. The inspiration for doing this was my experience of seeing first hand the work done at a nursery set up by the Italian Karibuni Charity.

I hope you enjoy my first foray into the world of blogging, starting with