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 Jack Atkinson 

Jack Atkinson is an effective tutor helping children develop their Maths & Science skills during the secondary school years. Tuition can be provided in short bursts ahead of specific tests and exams, as well as ahead of GCSEs.

Jack has a talent for connecting, communicating and inspiring young people and feedback about his tutoring, since he first started in 2017 while he was studying for his A levels, has been very positive. As a high achiever in maths and science at GCSE, A level, and Integrated Masters Degree, Jack is able to engage with students as a peer and understands what it’s like to take the exams they are preparing for! Jack is currently in his first year of his PhD at University of Sheffield Chemical and Biological Engineering Department focusing on applying machine learning to structure development in polymer, perovskite and colloid films processing via in-situ imaging and scattering.


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Other Testimonials

"I had a lovely chat with B yesterday - he really likes Jack. He was commenting on how he recognised and appreciated the support in place. I think Jack could be an extremely positive role model for B. In the past, B has not wanted to appear 'keen' in terms of academic work at school. We've talked about the 'swan' metaphor - paddling fast under the water line so you can appear relaxed on top. Anyway I mentioned that I thought Jack must be quite keen to be doing as well as he is. A perceptive B said. 'No mum - he's motivated' - aha a vital difference! All very heart-warming stuff - and I thought I'd share!

Mother of a Year 8 boy

“Jack is smiley and friendly.  He quickly understood my level and tailored my sessions to suit me.  He is very patient and gave me lots of examples of how to solve maths problems and allowed me to take them home.  I very much enjoyed the sessions.”

Ella Hodges, Year 8 student

“Jack has provided my daughter with increased energy and enthusiasm for science and maths.  It was important for me to have someone on her wave length and closer to her age share their passion for these subjects.  He has been able to show her ways of learning and insights that she was able to grasp quickly.  They worked through maths problems together which strengthened her levels of understanding as well as going over topics that she wasn’t sure about.  My daughter comes away from each session with renewed enthusiasm and deeper levels of knowledge.”

Victoria Wakely, Mother of Year 10 student.

“Our son has seen Jack for weekly sessions over the summer holidays to consolidate the previous year and prepare for the next after, what has clearly been a very social year for him, but perhaps not the most academically busy! End of year exams whilst being okay weren't what were expected by the school and our son realised he needed to put some work in to prepare for options year.

Jack has not only gone over factual content, but also the accuracy that will be expected. He's made learning fun again and been an extremely positive role model in terms of temperament, attitude and work ethic.

Jack has been flexible in his approach and at our request organised sessions so they can take a few short breaks to give our son an opportunity to catch his breath! These breaks have turned into very rewarding 'chats' about plans, the future etc. They've prompted our son to think about his future plans, which has motivating for him.

We can't recommend Jack highly enough!

Parents of Year 8 student

The benefits of maths and science tuition with Jack Atkinson are:

  • 60 minutes of 1-2-1 tuition for £30.00.

  • No minimum number of sessions.

  • Experienced and equipped to teach via Zoom from Sheffield.

  • Holds a first class masters degree in engineering from a world top 100 University.

There's no doubt that Jack 'walks the talk! Here he is pictured just after getting his GCSE results.  

He's far too modest to make mention of 9A* including English, all Sciences, Maths and Further Maths.

He went on to achieve 3A grades at A level in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and  is passionate about 

effective study. In 2021 he graduated from his Chemical Engineering masters with a first class degree

and he has chosen to continue in further education to obtain his doctorate.

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"Jack is a fantastic tutor (must take after his mum!) Also, from a parent’s point of view, I’d like to add that Jack is very professional, friendly and approachable; he is understanding of different needs and lessons are good value for money! We couldn’t ask for more and L will be back for A level tuition if Jack is interested?"

Parent of the Year 11 girl, author of the hand-written note.

Further positive commentary

"We had some good news this morning - L passed his GCSE maths…He is thrilled! Jack was instrumental in this…he has been patient and had a real ability to get through to him."  January 2021

"E really felt he benefitted from Jack’s tutoring sessions. He said that Jack explained the subjects really clearly and in a better way than his teachers. He said he came out of the sessions having an excellent understanding of the topics". 

Parent of Year 11 boy