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As their parent you are one of the most powerful influences on your child's learning!


I can offer to show you how to more effectively support your child build your self-esteem help you understand the challenges your child may experience answer individual questions and make learning fun!


I can give one-to-one tuition to you or arrange small group sessions in a relaxed environment, to help parents gain confidence to better support their child's learning.

Sessions can be individual,or with a small group of friends over a coffee. Pre-School, infant and junior sessions available. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs:

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Target Tutoring maths learning
  • Do you wish you could more effectively help your child with early reading and writing?
  • Do you find it difficult to offer the support you feel they need?
  • Would you like to know more about early reading and phonic skills?
"This is so lovely to see Janet Atkinson. You are still sprinkling your special dose of teaching magic. I am so grateful for all the tutoring and self esteem boosting you gave Ella. She received an award at the end of year 7 last year for the most improved grades from the beginning of the school year. She is still achieving all her grades in Year 8." Thank you. Teresa.

Headmaster Testimonial

'As a well-qualified, intelligent teacher, with considerable experience both at 'chalk-face' classroom and senior management levels, spanning primary and secondary phases, Janet Atkinson herself exudes warmth, friendliness and approachability. She listens attentively to parental and pupil comments about learning needs and responds with appropriate, engaging and meticulously planned individual programmes to address the concerns and aims. Success is always a team effort with plenty of scope for adaptability and further discussion during the learning process. Overall results are impressive with high levels of both parental and pupil satisfaction fully justifying the strong recommendations I have given about using her comprehensive range of educational services.'

Mr T G Pipe, Headmaster of school for pupils aged 2-16